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October 2011 - Crisp Air, Rascal & Noble Ambitions

Dear Stitching Friends:

Fall brings this wilted summer stitcher back to life. Everything is new again. With plans for the next year stitching is definitely at the top. Next are a couple of highland wool cardigans I’d like to finish. Third are my sewing projects and last is mending (that unfinished pile grows yearly). With such an ambitious lineup all I need now is the ambition.

I’ve been observing my cats. Clancy is momentarily revived by the crisp, smoky and invigorating scents of autumn only to plop his large frame down into a satisfied motionless blob of fur. Rascal struts into the room and gets a whiff of the same air. Immediately she is transformed into a wildcat. Energized she leaps over Clancy, darts through the downstairs hurdling over obstacles, jumping onto furniture and springing off the refrigerator. Without blinking she quickly heads upstairs where more adventures awaits. Rascal has just taught me a valuable lesson. Rascal gets things done. She fetches, opens doors and drawers. Recently she learned to groom herself with her slicker brush. Her ambitions may be simple, but for her they are noble.

I plan to follow Rascal.

Keep on stitching!